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No panic on the Titanic
  • No panic on the Titanic

    SKU: SCN_004

    "We all know the door would fit them both" 

    Hope that by using it, it inspires you too! Be yourself regardless of what society thinks. You are society!

    This lined-page notebook is an ideal companion for those who want to keep their thoughts in order and be more organized in their daily activities. Whether you're at school, at the office, or traveling, this notebook will help you keep your inspiration and important information at your fingertips.

    This Notebook features:

    • Ideal notebook : for Quick Thoughts, Journal Entries, Diary, Shopping, School Notes, Poems, Quotes and basically everything you can think of!
    • Unique Cover Design: a minimalist design with quotes that speak your mind
    • Perfectly Sized: to be able to easy carry it around and yet with enough space for organizing everything you need to get things done, plan ahead and lay your awesome ideas. Printed on High Quality Paper 
    • Makes a Perfect Present for Everyone : Surprise someone with this unique designed Notebook and show them they're special.
    • Product Info

      100 lined pages

      Weight 204 gr

      Paper weight: 90 grams per sqm

      Size 15.24 x 22.86 cm (a little bit bigger than A5 size)

    • Pre-order details

      This notebook is currently available only for pre-orders or oders bigger than 10 pc. You can combine multiple notebooks in one order. Once you place your order you'll be informed about the delivery time. 

    Expected to ship in 2 weeks
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