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Artist statement

I make art with the sole purpose of exposing the thoughts that wander in my head throughout my journey in life. Although I always had art in my bones, I started painting only about a year ago. Not having an artistic background gives me the impulse of constructing a painting as I go, using whatever materials best fit my purpose. To express my philosophy: “Art is not supposed to be perfect. It's supposed to make you feel something, anything”, I am creating a place where feelings are displayed, by instinctually combining acrylics, markers, collages, spray, oil chalks and crayons, usually on paper, canvas or cardboard.

The main element of my paintings is the text. Even though, taken as such, the words make one wander through their own mind and memories, the drawings come to complete it, giving the viewer a connection with the artist.

I created the brand “Antidtot – The cure for society” to express that art, in all its forms, is the cure for society. Art is based on feelings, emotions. And even though every human being experiments the same few basic feelings, art has the power of making them unique for each one of us. Whether you’re an artist or a viewer, art is about how we feel, how we wish we’d feel and how we make others feel. And that’s why I do it!

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Why my original artwork is priced to $0

I want my art to exist in a place where it can make a difference. All my paintings have a story, a memory of my own, something I felt, a thought, an emotion. 

I don't want people to buy my art just because it looks nice, but because it makes them feel something.

I want to know YOU first! How do you feel? How my art makes you feel? What it reminds you of? And for me, that's more valuable than the price. 

Will I ever sell another piece? I don't know. But if I do, I'll sell it to a friend

What's your story? Let me tell you mine!


Prizes, Awards and Exhibitions

My artwork "Danger - Anger" received a Special prize award from "Global Talent - Art prize" in May 2023 (UK), “Inside tears” was a 2nd place winner at “Gender identity” virtual exhibition by Brouhahaart in June 2023 (Hong Kong), “Storytellers” and “Immortal” were published in the Flora Fiction magazine vol.4 issue 2 (US)

Solo Exhibition – “So, what did people say?” Urbanist, Bucharest (RO) 15 July 2023

Solo Exhibition – “Damaged goods” Cifeon Hub, Bucharest (RO) 22 July 2023

International virtual exhibition "Emerge" by The Alchemical Art (AUS) 28 July 2023

Solo virtual exhibition organized by Brouhahaart, 15 August - 10 September 2023

Selection to participate at Blue Biennale - International Art Biennale, Brasov (RO) 01 October - 05 November 2023

Selected artist at CineEuroConnect - Collaborative Film Museum & Heritage Film festival (RO) 27 September - 15 November 2023

2023 AMERICAN ART AWARDS / CATEGORY 30. POP ART, 6th Place ”When happiness was cheaper” - October 2023

Magma Art Space (TR) - Online group exhibition - 17-30 November 2023

The Art Association (CH) - inclusion in the inaugural edition of TAA Artists for Peace 2024


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+40 726 054 044

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