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The Cure for Society
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Art starts with imagination

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Let's give kids a space!

As an artist and a mom, I understand how important it is for kids to be able to express themselves through art. They create their own stories and interpretations. Through shapes and colours, they show us a piece of their realm, and I want to encourage them as much as possible. 

I am announcing an "Open call" for the special edition of "The cure for society" Art Magazine for Kids. Everyone below 18 y.o is invited to participate. 

I want to use this Magazine to promote as much as possible art and encourage children and teenagers to keep a piece of their art with them as they so fast (parents might add) grow up.

Useful information

  • You can submit your kid's artwork, poetry/short stories until April 15th 2024. The form can be filled in in Romanian or English (your choice)

  • We accept 1 submission per children for each category: Artworks (non-digital, including but not limited to paintings, drawings, comics, sculptures); Photographs; Digital illustrations. 

  • We also welcome submissions in Romanian and/or English of poems and short stories. 

  • A submission might be rejected if the quality of the picture is too low or if it contains other elements than the artwork (for example, pictures that include your kid holding the artwork), or if it is found to be offensive, violent and not appropriate for general audience

  • There is no registration fee.

  • This is a non-sponsored magazine. Costs for editing are supported by MD Antidtot. In case you want to participate as a sponsor feel free to reach out

  • The magazine will be available both on-line and printed just in time for Children's day (June 1st 2024. 

  • Teachers can also submit on children's behalf, as long as they have the parent's/legal guardian's approval.

  • MD Antidtot is not responsible for checking/getting written approval from parents/legal guardians, and it's implied that whoever submits the form on behalf of the underaged children is to be held responsible in case of legal issues. 

  • In case of questions please reach out.

Thank you for your participation and for joining my initiative of curing the society through art!

Best of luck,

Mon (MD Antidtot)

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