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Our space

Art should not be limited by age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or experience

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Let's create our own space!

As an artist, I want to create a space not limited by social boundaries, to show the world that art "doesn't need to be perfect, it needs to make you feel something". Will you join me?

This is the place where artists are given various opportunities to be a part of a community that aims to promote as much as possible talented artists such as yourself, get to know you and your story and create a friendly and inclusive artistic environment where we can grow and thrive together. 

What we did so far

  • Published The Cure for Society Art Magazine vol.1, where over 30 artists published artworks and poems, where we told the story of some great NGOs and brands that make society a better place! 

  • Thanks to our media partner, Asociatia Muze, we had a Magazine Launch on December 15th combined with an art exhibition of the published artists. 

  • Our 1st Virtual 3D Art Exhibition December 17-31st

  • We are preparing for The Cure for Society Art Magazine vol.2 that will launch in March 2024

  • If you are interested in being a part of our future events, please join in the Open calls section

  • This is a non-sponsored initiative. In case you want to participate as a sponsor feel free to reach out

  • In case of questions please reach out.

Thank you for joining my initiative of curing the society through art!

Mon (MD Antidtot)

Open Calls

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